Hiring crates is the cost efficient way to ensure your relocation remains within budget. The crates will arrive at your premises on the agreed date and time to suit you and after you have relocated we will then collect the crates from your new location.

The crates will be delivered clean and label free ready for immediate use. All Crates are branded Crate Solutions for easy identification. Unlike most companies that offer crate hire and then cross hire the crates and add on their percentage, at Crate Solutions we own all of our products and have a continuous investment program to maintain the highest possible level of product and service.

Our crates are reused many times and are 100% recyclable saving the impact on our environment that using cardboard boxes may leave.


  • CSC1 Standard Lidded Removal Crate
  • CSIT1 Standard Lidded 21 IT Crate
  • CSMC1 Standard Lidded Metre Crate
  • CSFM1 Flat screen crate
  • CSCP1 Compact Crate


At Crate Solutions we pride ourselves on the excellent delivery service we offer. We have 5 key points which we adhere to:-

  • On time every time
  • Full uniformed and trained Staff
  • Fully equipped vehicles
  • Next day delivery turnaround
  • Cost efficient delivery network across the UK
Please click on the Crate Solutions lorry for our current delivery price schedule.